Kim Kardashian Stirs Up Controversy (Again) With Her Bo Derek Homage

So you might have noticed that in recent months we have been what might technically be called ‘obsessed’ with the Kardashian-Jenners and their babies. Well, that’s enough of that, thank you very much! It’s time to move onto something completely unrelated! Unrelated to the babies, I mean, not the Kardashians – we wouldn’t go that far, don’t be silly. So what are we talking about today? How about Kim Kardashian and her Bo Derek homage?

Kim has been keeping quite busy recently, what with angering her fans by going to the gym and uploading promotional videos for some hair vitamins, and later almost causing them to riot when she posted yet another topless picture of herself! They were so upset they had to take matters into their own hands and used the powers of MS Paint to draw some clothes for her! I mean, even Piers Morgan got involved, that’s how scandalous the whole affair was!


And all the fans wanted were some photos of her newborn daughter Chicago! Luckily, they got their wish in Kylie Jenner’s tribute video to her own newborn daughter, Stormie Webster. But we said we wouldn’t talk about the babies, so we won’t. Moving on.


So, a Bo Derek homage. Inspired by the actress’s iconic look from the comedy movie 10 (1979), Kim Kardashian took to the beach with her hordes of assistants and her scanty garments for a sexy photo shoot.


Obviously, the reality TV star brought her own butt polisher.


The 37-year-old had to enlist the help of her personal stylist, Danielle Levi, to remove her bra without smudging her makeup.


What do you think: who wore it better? Kim K?


Or Bo Derek?


There was other beachgoers present as well, and keeping their gaze at eye level and not staring at Kim’s voluptuous assets was probably a real challenge.


A rogue wave splashed Kim’s butt as the photographer jumped back trying to protect his expensive equipment.


The end result is not looking bad at all – it’s all due to that butt polisher! Probably.


But is it possible for any Kardashian to do anything, anything at all, no matter how seemingly insignificant, without stirring up controversy? No. And what was so controversial this time? You might be surprised to find that this time it wasn’t her clothes (or lack thereof). It was the hair.


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Kim Kardashian dared to call her brand new silver-cornrow look “the Bo Derek braids”. How could she do that? The gall! No wonder she was accused of ‘cultural appropriation’… This scandal got so bad that you know who had to get involved? Nah, it wasn’t Piers Morgan this time. It was Bo Derek herself! The 61-year-old actress took to her social media and tweeted out her support for Kim. And did she manage to put a stopper on the uprising? Weeell… not quite.


This is what Bo wrote:

“Hey! It’s just a hairstyle that I wore in the movie “10” @kimkardashian calls it the Bo Derek because she copied my particular pattern of braids. I copied it from Ann-Margret’s backup singer from her Vegas Nightclub Show. And we all copied Queen Nofretari [sic]. I hope Her Royal Highness is flattered.”


Yeah, that might have backfired slightly. People were not happy with Bo’s explanations. But people rarely are, so there’s that…


Apparently, this issue wasn’t meaningful enough for the actress to break her Twitter silence. It might be of some significance to note that Bo’s response to Braid-gate was on the 31st of January. The last time she had tweeted before that was all the way back to the 29th of January. Two whole days previously!


Of course, misspelling the name of Queen Nefertari was like adding more fuel to the fire. Making spelling mistakes on the internet is asking for trouble, everyone knows that, Bo!


Now then, time to move onto something more important and way, way bigger than misspelling the name of an ancient Egyptian Queen: Kim Kardashian’s butt. I bet you never thought you’d read the words ‘ancient Egyptian’ and ‘Kim Kardashian’s butt’ in one sentence!

Anyway. Her behind is the thing Kim is most famous for. Well, that and her sex video… Like all things Kardashian, Kim’s buttocks have been a subject of a lot of controversies. People just can’t believe its real. The mother-of-three has often been accused of lying when she adamantly affirms that she hasn’t had any plastic surgery on her posterior, but her words seem to fall on deaf ears. Which is why she decided to prove it by undergoing an X-ray scan during an episode of the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. So, if it really is real, how did she get it? What is the origin story of this infamous asset?

Beach bums

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Behind the behind

You cheeky people! That’s what you’re curious about? It is a very important subject worthy of showing a lot of interest in, the genesis of one of the world’s most famous butts… An if this is indeed your area of interest, you’re in luck, because Kim’s trainer, Harley Pasternak, spilled all the gory details about it. And, oh my, are they gory! (Not really, don’t get false expectations…)

Pasternak is a personal trainer who has worked a few times with Hollywood’s crème de la crème, and he says that celebs are the best kind of clients because they are always really motivated to follow his advice to stay fit and look good for the cameras.

Pretty amazing for 2 kids and zero Photoshop @kimkardashian

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“Everybody we work with is an entertainer and makes a living on being a public persona,” Pasternak told

“They all have motivation, they’re all in the public eye. One’s not more motivated than the other. That’s the great thing about our practice and the people we work with and why I love working with people in the public eye is they’re naturally motivated.

“We all want to look better and feel better but life gets in the way. My job isn’t to motivate somebody it’s not to say don’t you want to look great and feel great – no of course idiot, we all do! My job is to problem solve for all the issues that stop them from wanting to look and feel great and actually doing something about it.”


Pasternak has worked with Kim for several years now and he revealed that the big booty is all due to one super simple thing: lunges. According to him, the reality star is a big fan of the “walk lunge”, and that her frequent practice of this maneuver is what has kept her most famous asset in peak condition.

Are these lunges the only secret behind Kim’s body?

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But there is another reason why she looks as good as she does: she pays close attention to her diet. Kim makes sure she eats only healthy food prepared by her personal chef. So she eats well and exercises regularly: who would’ve thought that this combination is what leads one to achieve a killer bod?

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