People Think Kim Kardashian Copied Urban Decay With Her Newest Makeup Collection

If you follow up on makeup trends, you’ll have noticed that, lately, reds, pinks and purple shades have been all the rage. I remember always wanting to wear a pink eyeshadow, but I could never find one that was just the right shade, that was pigmented enough, and that was actually good. Now, there seems to be a pink/red eyeshadow palette left and right.

However, all true makeup enthusiasts know that if there’s one iconic eyeshadow palette, it’s Urban Decay’s Naked palette, which at the end of August, released the newest addition to the series, the Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette.

But, we’re also aware that makeup companies know what their clients want and they try to deliver, so there’s rarely anything completely original, really.

Which is probably why, on Monday night, Kim Kardashian also took to Instagram to share her newest makeup collection with KKW Beauty, which she has named Cherry Blossom.

Urban Decay’s Cherry includes two eyeliners, three lipsticks, a face palette, and a cherry-scented setting spray, whereas Kim’s Cherry Blossom collection includes an eyeshadow palette, three blushers, eight cream lipsticks, and three lip liners.

Now, you can’t really have missed the similarities in both the titles and shades in both collections, so of course, people were very quick to point them out. Not only that, but they also accused Kim of ‘copying’ Urban Decay’s palette.

They took to commenting things like, ‘Um UD much?!’, and, ‘Urban Decay Cherry palette? Can she do anything original?’, as well as, ‘Why do people lose their minds about Kylie or Kim’s makeup? It is SO boring and just copies other brands.’

Yes, the fact that you can’t really start from scratch and launch a whole makeup collection in less than two weeks seems to have slipped their minds.

Kim Kardashian copied Urban Decay

But there were people who jumped to her defense, with one person writing: ‘I highly doubt Kim saw Urban Decay’s Cherry collection and manufactured a whole makeup collection in a week.’

Another added: ‘You do realize that it took her time to produce this right, it had to have been her own personal idea for this lol.’

Kim explained on Instagram that the reason for choosing this name for the collection is her love of cherry blossoms, which was also the theme of her daughter Chicago’s baby shower.


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