What Is Kim Kardashian’s Son Eating For Dinner? Kanye West Will Tell You

Becoming a father is easy, because of the much shorter biological and mechanical minutes it requires, but becoming a dad, is something. It’s a long journey and it takes much more effort and patience.

A week ago, Kanye West took to Instagram to show us a glimpse of his life as a dad, just to find himself trolled by his wife Kim Kardashian, for what he was feeding Saint West with. 🍭🍬🍫🍰

Kim Kardashian's son

The whole story happened after the birth of Chicago West, who came to life via surrogate. Kanye and his son, Saint decided to go on a trip to Chicago. Yeah, that’s where he got inspiration for his third child’s name.

One of the places they visited together, was the Sugar Factory, where Kourtney used to visit as well.


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I don’t really blame her, for I am something of a sweet tooth. Sugar Factory is quite a huge pace with classic American eats, cocktails, candy-themed shakes, rainbow-colored cheeseburgers, candies, candies, and oh, candies!

The 41-year-old American rapper made sure to remember this part of the trip, by sharing a picture on Twitter. The photo was captured in a mirrored ceiling, as Saint was looking upwards. The caption accompanying the photo was:

When you at the sugar factory make sure you get that mirror shot. This is not a paid tweet.

They both looked lovely in the pic, but it was his wife, Kim who decided to troll Kanye for all the sweets Saint was being served.

She made a tweet, asking “Ummm what is our son eating for dinner?!?!” and a lot of candy emojis followed. I guess, she is going to need some time to convince her son to stay away from sugar.

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