Kind Police Officer Helps An Elderly Man In A Heartwarming Way

People are rarely aware of what a random act of kindness does to the world we live in. It does not only help other people, but it also comes back to the person who does it in the most beautiful way. A police officer from the Police department in Montebello, California not only did his duty, but also helped an elderly man in the cutest way. His act hit the headlines and is warming hearts during these cold days.

It happened like this. The Montebello police department received a call from the local bank of America. The bank people needed help for an unruly customer.

The man in question was 92 years old. He was very upset and started making a scene after the bank refused to follow to his request. The police department sent Officer Robert Josett out to see what was going on.

When Officer Josett arrived he found that the elderly man was trying to withdraw money from his account. However, he was upset because he was unable to do it. His ID card had expired and the bank were unable to do anything to help him. Then, he was forced to leave.

Officer Josett did his job and escorted the man outside the bank. But that’s not the nd of the story. He did a lot more and went the extra mile to help the man in his time of need. Their first stop was to the local DMV, where the 92-year-old man could get a new ID card.


Then, Officer Josett brought the old man back to the bank. The man could finally complete his transaction and it changed his life for better, all thanks to Officer Josett.


Next, the Montebello shared the photo of Officer Josett and the 92-year-old man to their Facebook page. The internet loved it. People shared it for more than 40,000 times and they started giving honest comments about Officer Josett’s act of kindness.


This next person applauds Officer Josett for just being a great guy.


This person reminded us that we shouldn’t think badly of all the people in blue.


Here is the original Facebook post shared by the department.


Here’s how a random act of kindness changed the life of a homeless veteran.

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