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Kitchen Life Hacks Which Will Save The Day

Kitchen Life Hacks Which Will Save The Day

Fixing little things in so little time is super easy with the right kitchen life hacks.  A hack for everything, that’s how the experience around kitchen works now!

Let’s agree, everyone can use some genius hacks to make cooking easier or even storage things creatively! There’s a rule you should live by every time you head to your kitchen, it says ‘Don’t over-complicate little things.’

In this scroll we have gathered some cool hacks, which are pretty innovative and will help you make things ten times easier!

1. Water bottle storage hack

It’s annoying every time stubborn water bottles won’t stay in one place! All you need to fix the problem for you is a paper clip added in the cooling rack. That will create some sort of barrier for the bottles, and this way they’ll stay in place!

Water bottle storage hack


2. Fruit yoghurt sealing

Sometimes all you need are two spoons of fruit yoghurt, and that’s it. But, what happens with the rest of it? It goes into the fridge, obviously but there’s this certain way you can seal it down so it doesn’t go bad anytime soon! Cut the flexible parts of two plastic straws, then also do another vertical cut. Add into two sides of the fruit yoghurt just like they were little pins. It’s pretty simple!

 Fruit yoghurt sealing


3. Plastic bag securing hack

Your vegetables need to stay in one place for the whole time. Let’s learn how you can do it by simply using a paper metal clip, opening it up, and inserting around the plastic bag. Your veggies are save and sound!

Plastic bag securing hack


4. Cutlery storage idea

Organizing doesn’t have to go bad every time you take action. For this mini organizer you can use empty tins and an old cutting board. From trash, to luxury get yourself this cutlery organizer by simply adding the tins against the board using hot glue gun. Don’t forget to do a little painting to add color to the mini craft! Easy access, and beautiful looking!

Cutlery storage idea


6. Easy tomato slicing hack

Got that special dinner event coming up, and you want to do the catering yourself? Then, you’re going to need to be precise with the slicing. Do this little trick of attaching forks to clothes pins. Create three pairs of these, and bring together. Next, put the tomato, or another veggie in the middle and start slicing. Everyone at the party will be so impressed!

Easy tomato slicing hack

These were only some of the kitchen life hacks, find more in the video above!

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