The New Kitkat Drumstick Ice Cream Has A Wafer In It And We Cannot Wait To Try Them

Suddenly, I am in desperate need of ice-cream. *Runs to the nearest local grocery store.*

The newest ice-cream treat is looking so good. KitKat Drumsticks from Nestlé is about to be out next guilty pleasure. I am most definitely buying a whole pack and eating it by myself. Initially, you would think that they got a bunch of KitKats and crushed, then adding those crushed bits into an ice-cream cone. Nope, that’s incorrect. Whoever thought of this did not come to play.

Classic Drumstick cones consist of vanilla ice cream in a cone, then that is covered in a chocolate shell and coated with roasted peanuts. So delicious right? And yes, of course, they did not forget that chocolate nub at the bottom of the cone. It’s, without a doubt, the best part of the ice cream cone. There has been a variety of the cone that has come out over the years, including ones with caramel, banana, strawberry, and let’s not forget about Butterfinger. According to Instagram food reviewer, @snackgator these KitKat Drumsticks have wafer pieces in the chocolate shell, a fudge center, and that chocolate nub at the bottom of the cone. *drooling over here*


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The newest flavor comes in a box of four (told yall I am going to eat a whole pack by myself) and it is not available at Kroger. However, the delicious treat will be on other supermarket stores soon. But until now it is available on Kroger’s website.

Will you be trying this new ice-cream treat if you haven’t already? What are your thoughts on it?


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Source: Snackgator
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