KKW Beauty Is Looking For Women To Model, James Charles Has Something To Say

KKW Beauty recently shared an open casting looking for women to model in an upcoming campaign.  But James Charles didn’t completely agree with the casting call.


The beauty blogger is disappointed since the call is only open for women. He even wrote two tweets mentioning Kim Kardashian West speaking up for the boys who love makeup. The tweets have been later deleted.

The media claimed that he “slammed” Kim, so Charles responded by writing ,”I love @KimKardashian with all of my heart.”

The beauty brand was calling for all women 18+.

In a deleted tweet saved by People, Charles wrote: “Sister @KimKardashian! There are thousands of boys in cosmetics who love you & I’m sure would be honored to slay a photo shoot for you! This is disappointing.”


Twitter/James Charles via Perez Hilton

This is the campaign’s casting call:

Attention LA area beauties! Join our open casting call for a chance to be featured in an upcoming #KKWBeauty campaign. Details below!

And from another deleted tweet:

“Kim is a legend and personally one of my role models! I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to meet her 3x and she has always been SOOO nice and supportive, but I think it’s only fair that other aspiring boys in beauty have the same opportunities.”


 Instagram/ James Charles

But even though he deleted the original tweets he made sure to keep his point still.

I didn’t fuck anything up Lindsey, I reached out to her team directly & deleted my tweet because It didn’t need to be handled publicly. Never slammed her & I’m certainly not embarrassed for standing up for boys in beauty ‍♀️

With all the successful guys in the beauty industry and Kim’s open support for them, it really isn’t such a shabby idea to extend the casting call to boys too, isn’t it?

From: thisisinsider

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