13 Of Gustav Klimt’s Paintings Were Recreated Into Real-Life Photographs

If you are a fan of symbolism, then Austrian painter Gustav Klimt may be one of your favorites. The talented artist did paintings, murals, sketches, and other types of art with his primary subject being women with many of his works marked by eroticism.

Have you ever wondered what some of your favorite paintings would look like in real life? This is just what Klimt’s fellow countrywoman, photographer Inge Prader did.

Klimt is most commonly associated with the Art Nouveau style, which is a bold aesthetic that originated around the turn of the 20th century and inspired artists as well as architects such as Barcelona’s Gaudi to recreate the optimism of their own time.

Prader’s vivid recreations date from Klimt’s Golden Phase – the period between 1899 and 1910. The luscious golden hues and the occasional erotic scenes are the most evident notes of this phase. Moreover, models are basically nude, intertwined and surrounded by gold ornaments. This brings the warm decadence that we find in the original paintings. The series of images were taken for the Life Ball event – an annual event held in Vienna that raises funds to help fight HIV/AIDS.

The two-dimensional paintings were brought to life in an amazing way through modern photography. Check out this gallery of 13 photographs put next to the original paintings, courtesy of BoredPanda, and pick your favorite.

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1. Beethoven Frieze

Inge Prader

2. Death And Life

Inge Prader

3. Beethoven Frieze

Inge Prader

4. Beethoven Frieze

Inge Prader

5. Flora & Pan

Inge Prader

6. Medicine

Inge Prader

7. King Midas

Inge Prader

8. The Golden Fleece

Inge Prader

9. Beethoven Frieze

Inge Prader

10. Poetry & Genius

Inge Prader

11. Beethoven Frieze

Inge Prader

12. Mars & Sacrani

Inge Prader

13. Beethoven Frieze

Inge Prader

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Source: Boredpanda