Kris Jenner Shows She’s A Cool Mom At Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show As She Cheers For Kendall

Kris Jenner keeps giving us proof that she is, indeed, a cool mom.

While the momager has been there for her children through thick and thin, has quite a lot of credit when it comes to their success, she keeps proving us that she will always be supportive of them, no matter what.

Just in time for the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, we were all thrilled to see what everyone would be wearing. Kendall Jenner, especially, looked pretty stunning, and it’s fair to say, her angel wings were gorgeous! And, so thought Kris Jenner as well.

Kris Jenner cool mom Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

When Kendall Jenner walked the runway, her proud mom was standing in the front row, cheering proudly for her daughter and waving at her.

A clip from the broadcast has been going viral where we can see Kris Jenner doing what she does best. Being a cool mom.

We see in the clip as the 63-year-old is holding her Kim Kardashian inspired phone case and recording Kendall as she walks the runway with her angel wings.

See the clip below:

“I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom,” Kendall wrote, after seeing the clip go viral.

Kris Jenner recently made an appearance in Ariana Grande’s new music video for ‘Thank U, Next’. Undoubtedly, the music video was quite a success and was liked even by the actors of the movies that were featured in the music video.

Kris appeared by the end of the music video, as she is holding a camcorder and wearing a pink tracksuit. The reality show star was portraying Amy Poehler’s role in the iconic Mean Girls movie.

Kris Jenner cool mom Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
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“Thank you next, bitch,” she says by the end of the clip.

Ariana Grande shared her experience on working with Kris, admitting that she was ‘so full out’ and ‘nice to everybody’. She said:

She was so full out and nice to everybody and I want her and my mom to be besties,” the music superstar shared online. “They were so cute interacting. Just two adorable, powerful, pink & black dots before my blurry, excited eyes.


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Source: Eonline