Kylie Just Shared A New Photo Of Baby Stormi, But Come On Kylie, You Have To Give Us More!

I mean, of course we LOVE every bit of information about Stormi Webster and yes, this picture cannot be any cuter, but we want more babyyy!


Okay, let’s calm ourselves a bit here. The first ever pic of Stormi we saw was pretty satisfying wasn’t it? The way baby photos are, like, they overwhelm you with feelings of cuteness and unicorn dust and that ‘ooh, I wonder who does mama Kylie’s nails’ feel. There, we could see part of baby Stormi’s cute face and her little hand grasping her mommy’s perfectly manicured thumb and all we could say was ‘HI STORMI!!!’

But this photo is a bit different in style, and although perfectly fitting for a baby album, we kinda want to see some more! In it, Kylie shows she’s in excellent shape, with her fancy tracksuit and sneakers, ya know, all casual soccer mom, and the baby is dressed in this cute onesie, that should probably make it look like a lamb? A puppy? Other cute baby animals?

my angel baby is 1 month old today

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While the first public photo of Stormi amassed 17.5 million likes (and counting), this one is not falling very far behind. It was posted less than a day ago, and it already has 9.5 million likes. And people are losing it in the comments!

Aw, such a heartwarming photo, though. Also, brava Kylie for that fab hair and makeup. You certainly are a momspiration.

So, we’ll be around here somewhere. Ya know, waiting for some more cuteness.

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