Is The Date When Kylie Jenner Gives Birth Finally Revealed?

We finally have it! No, it’s not the cure for cancer people, duh. It’s Kylie Jenner’s due date! The cat is finally out of the bag, and she will probably give birth to her baby not long after the holidays!

Radar Online had the honor of speaking to a very well informed insider regarding all-things-Kardashian. The source claims that twenty-year-old Jenner will be expecting her little one’s touchdown on February 4, 2018.

This would mean that Kylie is actually in her third trimester now – which explains her sudden disappearance from practically everywhere.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians super-star will have the baby with her musician boyfriend Travis Scott. However, no confirmation is forthcoming from either the rapper, or her. Or anyone from her broader family for that matter. It’s all still kept under wraps – which makes us suspicious if there isn’t something else planned for the special reveal.

A special line of baby clothes, for example? Who knows. But the rumors are that Kylie is expecting a daughter, because lately she’s been hinting at female names, and has (perhaps?) hinted at a lot of pinks lately.

Could it be that we’re imagining all this? According to the source, no way. There’s also been a lot of associated buzz with her having to keep away from the spotlight due to her changed food habits. And that costs a lot of money, which thankfully the family can provide. According to the anonymous source, Kylie is currently costing the family more than $50,000 per month – just because of her pregnancy needs.

The daddy rapper Scott, who’s twenty-five, though, seems in a hurry. The source says he intends to marry Kylie before the newborn arrives, apparently to avoid talks that it was all due to the pregnancy. However, the insider adds, Kylie Jenner’s family is “very skeptical” of Scott’s parenting skills.

Soon to be a mom?


Source: radaronline