Kylie Jenner May Have Been Hiding Her Baby’s Name In Her Makeup Line

Twenty-year-old Kylie Jenner is still hiding under a blanket. Fans are still eagerly waiting for some pregnancy rumors to be confirmed. She broke the internet this fall when there was rumor that she is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Travis Scott. Since then, all we’ve had is some subtle hints and so much less of the beautiful Kylie. Not a long ago, she decided to keep off the media and the spotlight. Nowadays, however, new rumors are spreading. This time it’s hints about the alleged baby’s name. Can you guess what the baby is going to be called?

It was not so subtle after all!

Kylie started giving some hints (if we see them as hints) when she posted photos of everything pink, from her manicure to her Christmas tree. On social media, fans started noticing that everything shows signs of her supposed baby being a girl. Some eagle-eyed fans are now even suggesting that she gave some clues about her “baby”‘s name, too.

According to a new theory by RadarOnline, the Kylie Cosmetics founder got inspiration for her daughter’s name from her own makeup line!


How come?


It all started with her posting girly things and pink stuff on the social media. The rumors started spreading when she shared a “shoot day” picture of her pink manicure and pink diamond butterflies. Later on, fans saw her 20-foot pink Christmas tree in her house via the social media.


Radar Online has pointed out that she might revealed her baby’s name via her makeup line.

Previously, Kylie named a scarlet lip kit after her grandmother Mary Jo Campbell. Her sisters and her mother were also honored with shades names. Penelope Disick and North West Kris Jenner, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian were also honored with shades baring their monikers, while Penelope Disick and North West were also signed on the collections.

If this theory is true, names including Holly and Ginger, which are two shades in her makeup collection, would make the perfect moniker for a baby girl. They are also season-appropriate, as she is supposedly giving birth in winter.


Some even believe that Peach is a strong name contender. This is due to the fact that Kylie released a Royal Peach palette this year. There are some other suggestions as well. These include Pearl and Amber, which are featured in Kylie’s concealers line.

Kylie’s fans have chosen their favorites from her older cosmetics collection. These include Angel, Hazel, and Rosie. Posie also came as a favorite, as it was one of the first lip kits that Kylie released.


Prior to the baby news, the Life of Kylie star revealed on her app that her list of baby names is all ready!

“I keep a list in my phone of names I like for my future kids,” she said last year. “But they’re my secrets for now!”

Fans can’t wait for some big news!

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Source: celebuzz