Kylie Jenner Posts On Instagram As Jordyn Woods Teases Her Appearance On “Red Table Talk”

Drama has the word Kardashian next to it!

While Kylie must be crushed over her BFFs(?) Jordyn Woods’ cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson, she is back to business because someone’s got to watch over them billions on her account, right?

The beauty mogul took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday to share a video of herself sans Jordyn at the back like we’re used to seeing now that she moved out.

Stormi’s mom was looking gorgeous as ever sporting a heart filter and showing off her massive bling.

The 21-year-old was rocking a crop top and blue lenses while she experimented with filters.

kylie jenner jordyn woods red table talk

Jordyn, on the other hand, is preparing to tell all about her alleged hookup with Tristan Thompson.

Woods was Kylie’s best friends since middle school and was like a family to the Kardashians to the point she even lived with Kylie at the beauty mogul’s mansion.

She made the headlines last week when news broke that she was spotted making out with the Cleveland Cavaliers player at a party. The Kardashians have since unfollowed her on social media. However, Kylie is still following her on Instagram despite the scandal.

On Tuesday, Woods shared a clip of herself on Instagram Stories which shows her walking into the set of “Red Table Talk” – Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook show, teasing her Friday appearance.

The show is an American web television talk show which stars Jada, Willow Smith, and Adrienne Banfield-Norris. It first premiered in May 2018 on Facebook watch.

The Woods family is pretty close to the Smiths given that Jordyn’s mother, Elizabeth has worked as their estate manager between the years 2003-2007, which is probably why Jordyn decided to make an appearance.

Dressed in all black, Woods was looking cold-faced as she prepared to tell all about her fling with Khloe’s baby daddy.

kylie jenner jordyn woods red table talk

This will be Wood’s first interview after the cheating scandal which came as a shock to the Kardashians.

kylie jenner jordyn woods red table talk

According to TMZ, Woods signed an NDA which forbids her disclosing details about the Kardashians and the rest of the family at the “Red Table Talk.”

We need all the tea, now!!


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