Fans Figured Out Why Kylie Jenner Named Her Baby Stormi

Even if you’re not interested, surely you have noticed the thousands of reports about Kylie Jenner giving  birth to a baby girl and she named her Stormi Webster. The Kardashians are famous for coming up with obscure and unusual names of their children, but, a lot of fans have wondered what exactly is the meaning of Kylie’s baby name.

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The question plagued the Internet and people were left scratching their heads. However, the 11-minute-video that the media mogul posted on YouTube gave away some clues. There were a lot of butterflies in it leading people to believe that the baby will be called Butterfly or something like that, reports VT. 

In video butterflies could be seen anywhere, starting from Kylie’s necklace.


To the baby’s bedroom.


But, few days after the birth Kylie took to Instagram to announce the name – Stormi Webster – alongside a picture of the baby that is the most liked picture in history.

stormi webster 👼🏽

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But the butterfly’s didn’t stop.  The 20-year-old kept posting pictures of butterfly-themed things.


Floral arrangements shaped like a butterfly.


And jewelry shaped like butterflies.

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Also, Kylie and Travis Scott got matching butterfly tattoos back in June.


And the rapper released a song called Butterfly Effect. All of this led to a lot of conspiracy theories connected to the Butterfly Effect. It’s basically the idea that the wind movement created by the flapping of a butterflies wings  can grow and grow leading to a hurricane.

And what’s another name for a hurricane? That’s right STORMI! We cracked the code.

People got to the bottom of the meaning behind Stormi’s name.

Source: vt