Lady Gaga Speaks About Her ‘Instant’ Chemistry With Bradley Cooper, Says It Was ‘Real”

As Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper promoted their movie, A Star Is Born, we couldn’t help but admire their insanely good on-screen, as well as off-screen chemistry.

Both actors have spoken many times about their instant connection, and have praised each other during their many interviews, and you could see the unbreakable bond they have. So, now the actress and singer has opened up more telling us that her on-screen chemistry with Bradley Cooper ‘is real.’

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A Star Is Born co-stars attended the National Board of Review Awards, on Tuesday evening, and were both awarded top honors for their work on the movie.

Gaga won the Best Actress of the Year award, whereas Cooper received the Best Director of the Year honor. The veteran actor, Sam Elliot, who plays Cooper’s older brother in the movie, was also in attendance and received the Best Supporting Actor award at the event.

Gaga spoke to E!News at the awards, saying:

I feel so, so blessed to be here tonight, because I feel like I’m being honored for my hard work. And if you work hard, no matter who you are, and you don’t stop and you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.

Cooper and Gaga’s chemistry in the movie has captivated fans worldwide, and now we wonder, will they ever work together again?! Let’s see what Gaga has to say about it.

My chemistry with Bradley is real, you know? It was instant when we met, and it only continued to grow. And would I work with him in the future? Absolutely.

Well, we seriously hope we get to see these two together in another project, because we can’t seem to get over the movie yet. Note that the movie was Gaga’s movie-acting debut and Cooper’s directorial debut, and it’s safe to say they’ve managed to impress everyone.


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Source: Eonline