Lucky Fans Got To Hear Lana Del Rey’s New Songs At Ally Coalition

Although many of you won’t recognize her by this name, but there are still some traces of Lizzy Grant left online. In particular, there is a video of 2009 that shows a young, casually dressed blonde woman in a green T-shirt and jeans, singing at a New York music show called The Variety Box. Her voice was strong, but she spoke shyly and quietly to the audience. Yes, her voice was powerful, but Lizzy looked just like any of hundreds of artists trying to make it big in hope that one day they would be spotted.

Lizzy grew up in a small town upstate New York town, attended a preppy boarding school, and spent a gap year waitressing in Long Island. However, fame did not happen to her. Fame happened to someone called Lana Del Rey, a 25-year-old seductive songstress who is currently the hottest name in the U.S. music and whose debut album was the most awaited of the industry of that year. Her Video Games ballad went viral in the summer of 2011. Not to exaggerate or anything, but each song after that, made us religiously repeat it on maximum volume until one of our neighbors moved houses.

lana del rey new songs


Now, on Wednesday night, Lana Del Rey showed up at the Anny Coalition in New York, and the lucky fans who were present were treated two live premieres. Del Rey performed a four-song set that started with How to Disappear and Venice Bitch and ended the set with a first-time performance of both Hey Blue Baby and I Must Be Stupid for Feeling So Happy.

See her premieres below.

Source: TheBoss

Before singing the songs along with Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff, Lana told fans:

Me and Jack wrote a couple of country songs just for fun, so we thought we’d play them.

The event saw other stars such as Taylor Swift, Regina Spektor, Andrew Dost, Rostam, Jacqueline, and others. The aim of the event is to raise funds and advocate for homeless and at-risk LGBTQ young people.

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