Laugh It Off With These 13 Hilarious Photos Where Wind Took Over

Are you having a tough day, too? I mean, it’s only Tuesday and all I can think of is watching Netflix on Friday night. But thankfully, I have the perfect remedy for any terrible day like this Tuesday. Laughter. Do you know that feeling when nature comes your way and you can’t help yourself? Here are 13 hilarious photos that will give your muscles pain, courtesy of Auntyacid.

Laughter is good for us after all!

Not only does it makes us feel better, it actually helps combat mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

It can even help you lose weight.

According to recent studies, just fifteen minutes of laughter can burn fifty calories. That’s pretty amazing, right?!


Laughing is a great way to pass the time and it’ll make your last day of work before the weekend goes just a little bit quicker!

Sometimes a force of nature has an incredible effect on everyday things, and the results can be utterly hilarious!

The best example of this can be when its a little too windy.

Wind can really ruin anything from an outdoor wedding to a nice lovely quiet walk with your dogs in the park.


Each of this windy day photos shows how the wind can make anyone’s day a little bit harder, even if you’re a major celebrity.

1. Oh, the force of trees


Sometimes when it’s really windy, the wind can blow over a few trees, but you’d never expect the wind to be able to pull over the lawn and the trees before knocking them both over!

That must have been strong wind!

2. Oops!


The wind is always a problem, especially if you’re wearing address and are in the middle of a photo shoot!

Elizabeth Olsen ended up flashing the photographer. It just goes to show that the wind doesn’t care if you’re famous, it will just keep on blowing!

3. Adorable puppies photo shoot ruined by the wind


These windy day photos just go to show that the wind doesn’t have any issues with ruining a perfect photo opportunity, even if it includes these two adorable puppies.

4. Maybe try the next gas station?


Wind damage can happen anywhere in the world. The wind really doesn’t care about our homes, buildings, or even our gas stations!

5. Chocolate fountain went everywhere


That was probably a really nice chocolate fountain until the wind just turned up. Now it looks like someone had to go to the bathroom…

6. This looks so much like a video game?


The wind doesn’t have to do something terrible for it to be funny. Sometimes it can just doodle a few things in a field.

It’s so funny!

7. I wonder what’s behind


While this is funny, there’s an unfortunate groundskeeper somewhere who has to clean all this up! Poor guy…

8. The wind clearly has a wicked sense of humor


But sometimes that humor is just downright cruel!

That person probably worked really hard to avoid hitting something while he was parking!

9. These poor people were probably hoping for a nice, calm day of parasailing, but the wind was not having it!


10. Wind also hates umbrellas


This fact gets proven everytime someone opens an umbrella when it’s windy.

Just take your umbrella and put it in the bin… That’s where it’ll end up anyway!

11. Wind damage can be pretty funny from time to time.


Take this windy day photo for example. I’m no expert, but I don’t think is where the trampoline belongs!

12. Look at that umbrella!


13. Finally, who can forget Chloe Ferry’s famous wind-induced ‘towel malfunction’?


Okay, while this photo may not be as funny as the others, it’s still pretty impressive.

Here are some of the funniest snapchats.

Source: auntyacid

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