This Law Student Accepted His Degree While Wearing A Spider-Man Costume

Getting a university diploma is one great achievement. You look back at all the sleepless nights, the early mornings, the stress, and get to finally say ‘I made it’. That’s why graduation ceremonies are nice events. Although there is a great number of speeches, and all those students in gowns, and everything seems so formal; but, you stick through it, since you have made it this far.

However, one graduating student decided to do something worth remembering during the ceremony (apart from graduating, of course). He went to the ceremony dressed as none other than Spiderman!

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law student Spider Man costume
Credit: CEN

The 22-year-old Hiram Yahir Salas Romero is a law graduate from the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez in Mexico, and he sure knew how to make people share a laugh or two. Well, maybe not all of them.

law student Spider Man costume
Credit: CEN

The ceremony required students to wear formal suits and ties due to the dress code, but Romero decided to sneak in a different kind of ‘suit’. He said that not everyone found his act funny and there was some booing as he walked to get his diploma. He said:

None of the authorities said anything. They just looked at me unhappily. I don’t remember if the Rector said anything, but I think I got a smile out of him.

His mom supported him through university as well as paid for his Spiderman costume. It’s for sure always nice to know you have the support of your mother.

Romero also showed a sign that said:

For the love of my life, my mother.

law student Spider Man costume
Credit: CEN

And, as to why he chose Spiderman, well, he claims that Spiderman is an inspiration to him, taking into consideration his ‘desire to help people with his special powers and intellect’ although he is a ‘human with problems’ as well.

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