12+ Smart Hacks Invented By Really Lazy People

You know that kind of tired, where you just get back from an extremely stressful situation at work that seems to have been going on forever, and you want to take a hot bath for like 2 days straight, and eating a limitless amount of pizza without even feeling guilty about it cause you deserve it? Sure you do, we’ve all been there. I can’t count the times I’ve considered becoming a celebrity or an entertainer, but then again I don’t have the gift, except for being an oversharer. They don’t pay for that, do they? Well, some people have been tired tired, and they will use any opportunity to outsmart others by doing a hard thing in a very simple way. Not that they want to outsmart people, but they are just lazy. And lazy people are the most creative ones. You want proof? Keep scrolling down:


1. How to save yourself a lot of time for not doing the dishes:

ToeFungus / Via reddit.com


2. How to warm two bowls in a microwave at the same time:

DaNReDaN / Via reddit.com


3. How to keep your coffee hot and spill-free:

Twitter: @briangarvan


4. As long as you have FaceTime, never miss your PlayStation moments, even if you’re in the bathtub:

Isai76 / Via reddit.com


5. How to improvise a nightstand:

climbin510 / Via reddit.com


6. For when anyone says you can’t tan, nap, and drink a cocktail at the same time:

GeoKureli / Via reddit.com


7. Everything can be a bottle opener

scarlac / Via reddit.com


9. Save yourself time and money for steaming shirts at the dry cleaner:

lilcheap2 / Via reddit.com


10. Mow your lawn without laying hands on the equipment:

cakesinyoface / Via reddit.com


11. How to take out the trash:



12. Clothing hangers go a long way:

21geeoff21 / Via reddit.com


13. Very, very useful:

Hemming17 / Via reddit.com


14. How to create a home theater in no time and no money:

arvzg / Via reddit.com


16. How to watch your favorite episodes without having to get up:

LHN / Via reddit.com


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