Simple Exercises To Slim Down Your Legs In Only 3 Minutes

While some people love going to the gym and can’t imagine life without it, others prefer to watch Netflix instead. And even though we’re too lazy to do anything about it, we still want to see results.

When setting a goal, most people look to focus more on their stomach and upper-body area but the truth is that everyone needs good leg development for a complete body.

Remember that whether you’re a gym lover or not, there are always exercises you can do at home., like these, thanks to Providr.

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Not only do our legs look good, but they also are a source of strength and shouldn’t be neglected. Leg exercises can also play a huge role in weight loss and prevent lower-body injuries. So, if you are having trouble finding the motivation or time to get a good leg workout, here are some quick and easy exercises to try at home.

1. High-knee exercises

This exercise targets your upper things, tones your core, your buttocks, helps improve balance, achieve aerobic intensity etc. According to you should be standing with your legs about shoulder-width apart. Lifting one leg and bringing your knee towards the opposite leg and in the same motion continue to move back and forth between the right and left side. Once you nail the standard variation, there are some other things to target more additional muscles in your leg and core.

2. Deep/full squats

This exercise is good for your knees, activates the gluteal muscles and works your leg muscles better than normal squats. This exercise is not that easy because you have to get your butt lower than your knees. These squats are not only better for your knees but also increase activation of the glutes muscles who are estimated to be 25% more engaged than with regular squats.

To do this right, your hips and butt need to go low enough so you’re almost in a crouching position. Your feet should also be flat on the floor or the position is incorrect. These squats will strengthen your ligaments, promote good flexibility at the ankles and help alleviate back pain.


If your goal is to get slimmer while laying down in your bed, well believe it or not, there are also two more exercises you can do.


3. Lateral leg raises

According to Livestrong, this exercise utilizes multiple muscle groups and offers numerous functional advantages. Even though they seem pretty easy to do, they actually stress the importance of proper form as it’s essential for injury prevention.

Rest on your elbow, make sure your back is in line with your legs and start raising your leg away from the midline of the body. Lift your upper leg about 45 degrees and lower it in a controlled, smooth manner. If you want to challenge yourself more and do up-right lateral leg raises, just move your leg outward as opposed to when you’re lying down on your side moving your leg upward. Stand up on your right leg with your back straight and keep your knee slightly bent.

Lift the leg as high as you can and work it towards 45 degrees with the floor. Then, lower it back to the starting position and repeat.

4. Inner thigh lifts

This exercise will help strengthen your inner-thigh muscles since this exercise if perfect for those who want to tone their legs. Start on your side, lengthening your bottom leg and crossing your top leg over the bottom one while resting your top knee on the floor. Prop your head up on your hand or rest on your arm.

Concentrate on working your inner thigh while not moving your back during the motion. You have to make sure your pelvis is level and that your waist is pulling away from the floor. The great part of this exercise is the options it offers.

You can do straight up lifts, tiny pulses or controlled circles clockwise and then counterclockwise.

Source: Providr