It Is Now Legal To Breastfeed In Public In All 50 States

It’s 2018 and finally legal to breastfeed in public, in all 50 states, with Idaho and Utah joining recently.

Up until now, people have been asked to leave restaurants or public places because it disturbed others how they fed their children. To make matters worse, breastfeeders could even be fined for public immodesty.

Finally, this is a thing of the past!

breastfeeding in public

But the law didn’t pass that easy, at least not without arguments, as it was in Utah where the law almost didn’t make it past committee, with only a 6-5 vote in favor.

With Justin Fawson as a sponsor, the bill clarifies that breastfeeding is legal “in any place or public accommodation,” and that it doesn’t matter if the breast is covered or not. For the local news, Fawson said:

I don’t feel like we should ever relegate a mom to a restroom to breastfeed their child. That’s a big reason why I’m running the bill. I’m seeking to further normalize breastfeeding and allow moms to feed their babies as needed.

The lawmakers did not agree with him, while representative R. Curt Webb, one of the 4 who voted against the law, even expressed his concern regarding the bill, saying:

But this seems to say you don’t have to cover up at all. [I’m] not comfortable with that at all, I’m just not. It’s really in your face.

breastfeeding in public

The breast being uncovered part was erased from the bill, and it passed with 66-5.

People who don’t give birth or breastfeed have controlled the legislatures, and this is why the legality of breastfeeding in public took so long. Even now, only 25% of legislators are women, something that hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years. Utah’s House Business and Labor Committee has 11 men and only one woman.

Of course you can’t really express sympathy when your gender has nothing to do with breastfeeding and giving birth, but still, it’s not that cis men can’t pass laws that give privilege to cis women and people of other genders who give birth.

breastfeeding in public

After all, these laws are only necessary because too many people see breastfeeding as something sexual or perverse.

The laws are only needed because there are people who consider breastfeeding as something sexual. They find it disturbing to feed a baby in public. It would be great if people understand, once and for all, that breasts are biologically designed to feed babies and there’s nothing sexual about it. They have a sexual function, but these two are totally different things. If it bothers you watching women breastfeed their children, don’t watch, you’re not obliged to. This doesn’t give you the right to drive away a mother feeding her baby. Having a baby is already hard, and we’re not asking you to congratulate them, just don’t make them sit in public toilets to feed their babies.

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Source: Upworthy