These Are The Benefits You Get From Throwing Your Legs Up A Wall Daily

We often heard old people saying that that throwing your legs higher than your core is beneficial for you but we never really wondered why. A lot of patients are asked to lie down at hospitals who have any problems with their body or when they break their legs. Today you’ll found out exactly why this position is good for our daily life. Check them out!

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1. This position came first from India which allows your core to have some rest.

When your spine is attached to the floor, your back is completely straight and comfortable. It takes the negative load on your spine and back.

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2. It also helps blood circulating because extra load on legs can prevent the circulation of blood.

Sometimes it can lead to “heavy lower body”  that means extra weight will be gained on your legs in particular.

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3. Throw your legs up against the wall and take deep breaths.

This position will help you relax and is good for any type of meditation.

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4. It will make you feel better after heavy workout and in this way you can be more productive.

This position will help you rest well and spend time at the gym more effectively.

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5. Your neck muscles will be more relieved and this position can even substitute a massage.

So try it out and see the results for yourself.

Remember that your health is a valuable thing and you should live your life to the fullest.

Source: Betterme