12+ Useful Life Hacks People Taught Us In Social Media

Social media has come a long way from the days when it was only used to share pictures and selfies with your friends and family. While the majority of us still only use social media exclusively for that, others have turned it into a whole new platform, even as a business endeavor.

Some used it as a place to share and sell their handmade arts and crafts, some as a beauty tips channel, some as a place to share their fitness journey, and others use it to share useful life hacks we never knew we needed. Like the people in the posts below:


1. Baby powder works as a DIY dry shampoo

If you don’t have dry shampoo at hand, then sprinkling some baby powder on the roots and then blending it on your hair will reduce their greasy appearance. It also works if you apply the baby powder at night before you go to bed, and your hair will absorb it overnight, giving you oil-free har in the morning.

Instagram | @selfcareyouu


2. There’s a Starbucks secret menu

Starbucks, just like many other food chains like Wendy’s, Subway, or Chipotle, has secret items that don’t appear on the regular menus. Things like a  Cotton Candy Frappuccino, Double Dirty Iced Chai, or an Iced Raspberry Latte. You can find them all here.


Instagram | @cute_stuff_online


3. How to get a better and smoother shave

I guess men’s razors give you a closer shave (and are probably cheaper), and the conditioner just makes so much sense! How did I never think of it?

Instagram | @skinxcarexaddiction


4. Easter eggs are the perfect place to store your makeup sponge

It seals shut, it keeps the germs away, and your makeup sponge safe to just throw in your makeup bag.

Instagram | @brieisabelcarter



5. Neon lights make for great lighting in a picture

Go find a store with a colorful neon sign and experiment for yourself!

Instagram | @alexander_panetta


6. How to reach a word count and sound smart

We’ve all been there, when you just need a few more words but don’t have anything to add! Here’s a lifesaver:

Instagram | @vibingthreads


7. Ditch the towel, bring the sheet

A fitted sheet will keep the sand away from you belongings, because everyone knows there’s nothing worse then getting sand in every single thing you bring with you at the beach.

Instagram | @htans_marlton


8. A lot of our favorite snacks are vegan

Yes, even Oreos, Sour Patch Kids, and some Hershey’s products!

Instagram | @selfcareyouu

9. There are affordable dupes for nearly every high-end beauty product

Thank god for that, because we surely can’t all afford a $89 foundation, or $70 blush.

Instagram | @beautydupe.s


10. How to avoid social awkwardness

This is actually a great trick, feel free to share with everyone you know.

Instagram | @dewaynekperkins


11. Bullet journals can really help you organize

It might take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it you’ll never forget an errand again (because it’s all written down!)

Instagram | @feebujo


12. You need a desk hammock!

No, I actually think I really do… Where has this been all my life?

Instagram | @diplycrafty


13. You can make really cheap knock off YEEZY boots

All you need is a pair of heels, socks, and scissors to cut a small hole for the heel.

Instagram | @thenuvogue

And there you go! Also add an adhesive non-stick sole to the bottom to avoid slipping and falling.

life hacks social media
Instagram | @thenuvogue


14. You can use a CD to add rainbows on your pictures

Just shine a flashlight on the back of a Cd, and snap away.

life hacks social media
Instagram | @editingxthreads


15. How to take stealthy naps in class

Okay, I don’t know how well this would work, and it does seem a little creepy but hey, it’s worth a shot.

life hacks social media

Instagram | @Alpha_Lima_Whiskey_

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