12+ Pictures That Portray The Ugly Truth Of What Life Has Been Then And Now

Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master. – Christian Lous Lange

Technology has impacted our lives, in a way that no one has ever thought it would. Concept: A day out with friends, chatting, laughing, enjoying the time together, no pictures taken. Sadly, the use of technology has gotten out of control and has lost the purpose of making our lives easier. How I see technology nowadays, is as a double-edged sword, where the unfavorable consequences have overpassed the favorable ones.

Not only we spend so much time scrolling down our social media, see who is where, or who is eating what, or whom people are with, in fact, our lifestyle depends on these. Meaning, if we don’t have that special dish our friend has posted for dinner, or if we are not where our friends are, leaves us with a bitter feeling. Feeling of loneliness, feeling of ‘we’re not doing anything with our lives,’ feeling of depression.

And, you know what the biggest irony of all this is? Right now, you are reading a piece of an article through the phone. Tricky! Our phones have become the best friends impacting our lives on a high scale.

To make a point of what I am saying, let us go through a compilation of hilarious, but realistic pictures that portray the present life.

1. Holiday Pictures

Photo Credit: DanielZarz4


2. Checking the mail

Photo Credit: Poofytoo


3. Role reversing

Photo Credit: cagle.com


4. In gaming, you use your wallet now, not your brain

Photo Credit: dorkly


5. Being a teacher, then and now

Photo Credit: cagle.com


6. Wasting time by decade

Photo Credit: wronghands1.com


7. What jogging is like now

Photo Credit: Right-Brained


8. Texting vs. calling

Photo Credit: Endless Origami


9. The irony of social media

Photo Credit: endlessorigami.com


10. The development of technology

Photo Credit: Dave Coverly


11. Now, water is gold

Photo Credit: Bishtoons


12. Bye, bye pants

Photo Credit: imgur.com


13. The fear of bills

Photo Credit: collegehumor.com


14. Phones before family

Photo Credit: Maria Scrivan

As much sad as these pictures might make you feel, this is the sad truth!

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