Makeup Artist Turns Lips Into Mesmerizing Crystals

Hey girls, it looks that art is all around us.We got nail art, eye art, and even lips art. What a lip art though! We are used to filling our lips with usual lipstick colors, but what we are going to show you today is more than that. What this artist does is introduces us to something very unique and creative to try with our lips. Vlada Haggerty is a Lip art expert with more than 800.000 followers on Instagram. She is from Ukraine and she is very professional in her work. Also, she works with different beauty companies as Smashbox who named her “Lip Editor in Chief”.

Below are just some of her mesmerizing works of art:

It all starts with the liquid lipstick


Then there should be adhesive layer before carefully placing crystals

To see more of it you can check her videos herself:

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 “Let it drip” kind of lips.. mesmerizing though


Look at this “petal metal” collection

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Rainbow Beehive” – “Without bees, there’s no life for us…”She wrote in her Instagram post.

While this photography and of course the makeup are modeled by the artist.

When she was asked how did she come up with the idea in one of the interviews,

she replied: “I was just sitting at home, playing with makeup, taking pictures, and I started to notice that people really liked it

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It is the same with these elegant pink lips


What do you guys think?

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As for myself, I like these new ideas and I would definitely give them a try! Would you? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: Vladamua

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