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Little Boy’s Entire Class Attend His Adoption Hearing

Little Boy’s Entire Class Attend His Adoption Hearing

Getting a new family must always be exciting, at least it surely was for this five-year-old boy. He invited his entire kindergarten class to attend his adoption hearing.

When the kiddo, Michael Orlando Clark Jr. made his attendance at the courthouse in Grand Rapids, Michigan on December 5, every single soul was in tears. It was then where he was officially welcomed into his forever family.

Up to this time, Michael Orlando Clark Jr. lived with his foster parents – around a year prior to the hearing. He made his hearing super special when he decided he wanted to share it with all of his friends.

Below you can see the heartwarming event.

Source: 13 ON YOUR SIDE

All his classmates were sitting happily in the courthouse benches. Their faces were showing so much excitement, and they were holding up bright red hearts attached to wooden sticks. This way, they showed their support for Michael, who looked so cute that day. He was wearing a waistcoat and bow tie.

During the hearing, CNN asked Michael’s new father to explain what the five-year-old means to them. This was Michael’s favorite part of the hearing.

To top off everything, praises were also present by the classmates who stood up and told everyone at the court they ‘love’ Michael and that he’s a best friend to them.

Photo Credit: James Starks

This isn’t something that happens every day. The Grand Rapids-based reporter, James Starks described the event as, ‘the cutest story you will ever see.’ 

The idea to bring the whole class to the hearing was Mrs. McKee’s, Michael’s teacher. She suggested the idea to the five-year-old’s mum one day when she dropped him off at school.

They both agreed to do so and the hearing day is now Michael’s most special day. The teacher set a school bus to transport the children on the memorable trip.

Photo Credit: James Starks

Michael is a single child in the new family and his father explained things got ‘chaotic in a hurry’ the time they welcomed the youngster into their lives.

The couple who adopted Michael have been married for 10 years and say their son loves to dance and swim, also plays basketball and soccer.

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The five-year-old has surely a lot of friends and his parents are amazed by this. They even acknowledge the fact that over the past year he has been invited into friend’s houses and went on play dates. This makes them really happy and as they say, ‘it’s the most beautiful part of living with him’.

Photo Credit: James Starks

Michael was one of the 36 children who were adopted in Kent County during the 23rd annual Adoption Day, which is put on by the Family Division of the Circuit Court in Kent County.

Not only Michael got a new family at the event and all his friends were there, but he also got to meet Santa Claus.

What a blessed day Michael had!


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