Little girl transforms the life of a scared and fearful rescue kitten

Rescue Kitten Was So Scared of Everyone Until She Met a Little Girl

A foster home provided shelter to a rescue kitten that held fear within her eyes, however, a little girl took it upon herself to show the kitty what the true meaning of love was.

“Baja went from terrified kitty to mushy cuddle muffin under Emmy’s spell.”


Emmy and Baja the cat

Kitten Angels in Mayfield, New York rescued the kitten, Baja, along with two others. April adopted the trio, including their surrogate mother Luna, a feral cat. At first, they were really scared of people. “These siblings were scared, mistrustful of humans, and nervous – but they didn’t try to scratch or bite at all,” April revealed to Love Meow.

All they needed to change the kittens’ behavior was a few hours of playing together in a basket, accompanied with some soft pets and tasty treats. After a short time, the kittens, still embedded with fear, began learning how to love and cuddle with Emmy and her mother.

Emmy’s mother, April, is an expert in raising feral or stray cats and assisting them on their journey to adapt to a normal and happy indoor life. Emmy grew up with different kinds of animals, and even when she was young, she would help her mother foster kittens and help animals in need.


Farmer Mama Foster Kittens

“Emmy is wonderful with all kinds of animals, and can comfort the crankiest rooster, has full grown boar pigs roll on their back for her scratches, and can bring terrified kitties out of their shells,” April told Love Meow.

As Emmy became closer to Baja, the kitten lost the fear in her eyes and became more comfortable. Baja continued to relax as Emmy would care for her with attention, snuggles, and love.


Farmer Mama Foster Kittens

“Baja was the first to really warm up to Emmy. They just clicked. The complete trust she has when she is with my daughter is something that even I did not anticipate.”

April has tamed over 20 stray cats over the years but has never seen anything like her daughter’s relationship with Baja.

Farmer Mama Foster Kittens

“Baja lets Emmy scoop her up. She falls asleep in Emmy’s arms. Her first purrs were for Emmy’s snuggles. This all began last night. It was a 180-degree turn-around in only a few hours,” April told Love Meow.

“Emmy insisted that the scared kitty needed her to snuggle her while she watched her movie. Baja even found Emmy’s little chifferobe as a hiding spot when we left the house for a bit this morning.”


Farmer Mama Foster Kittens

The frightened kitty has completely changed into a cuddlesome critter.

“She is so comfortable now, sweet Baja is definitely not a wild cat any longer!”


Farmer Mama Foster Kittens

“Baja went from terrified kitty to mushy cuddle muffin under Emmy’s spell,” April said.

“This girl is well on her way to accepting that humans are to be loved – NOT feared.”


Farmer Mama Foster Kittens

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