A Little Girl Told Her Wish To Santa And We’re Not Crying, You Are

Having your loved ones overseas fighting for freedom is a difficult thing even though you’re proud of the sacrifice they make. You miss them and the mere thought of something happening to them can shake your core. But this little girl didn’t understand that when they shipped her dad off to Afghanistan.


What she knew was that her dad was gone and she terribly wanted him back home with her. That’s why when Santa Claus asked her what she wants for Christmas she had only one answer.

When Kensley Penney sat on Santa’s lap, she looked at him and promised that she had been good because the three-year-old wanted to ask him for a special gift.


After months passed of not having her father around, she said she wanted Santa to bring him home as she knows that only Santa has this power. And with a big smile on his face, he asks for Kensley to turn around.

There was indeed someone waiting for her around the corner.


Her father peeks from where he was hiding and runs to see his sweet baby girl. She couldn’t believe that Santa really made her wish come true so fast.


Although, it’s rather an ‘I told you so’ moment for her. Because Santa has that power, right? 😉

The rest is for you to see for yourself. And have your tissues ready, because this is just one of the most touching scenes you’ll see this year.


Take a look at the video down below and enjoy the tear-jerking reunion.

Source: Bill Cassidy

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