This Little Girl’s Headless Halloween Costume Is The Best One So Far

I have seen some pretty awesome Halloween costumes but this one definitely takes the cake. It is the time of the year where people find their creative side and come up with costumes ideas. Kids usually want to dress up as vampires, ghosts or their favorite Disney characters but this little girl’s Halloween costume shocked the internet.

A mom in Southbay Village, Philippines decided to dress up her daughter as a headless child. Mind you if she would have come trick or treating at my house I would have freaked out ( I get scared very easily.) The Southbay mom has taken the costume to a whole new level. I had to look twice to actually notice what was going on.

Check the video she posted on her Instagram. She captioned it:

My super adorable headless Maya


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My super adorable headless Maya 😍😍😍 #halloween #halloween2018 #headless #scarykids

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And we can all agree she does indeed look adorable but in a scary way. Maya went trick or treating through the neighborhood and her mom Krystal Hwang uploaded videos of her daughter. The videos she posted went viral. Instead of having a bucket to carry her candy in her hands, the “neck” of the costume is used as her trick and treat basket.

I mean, what would you have done if Maya knocked on your door and you had to put the candy on her “neck”?


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Trick or Treatin’ without the pumpkin basket! 😂😂😁

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Maya is one of the best Halloween looks I have seen so far and if there was a prize-winning competition she would have gotten the first place. On the other hand, what do you guys think of Maya’s Halloween costume? What was your costume and what did you like the best on this Halloween season?

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