14 Little Known Facts About Michael Jackson, The King Of Pop

I still can’t believe that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, isn’t with us anymore. And it’s been eight years since he left, and frankly, things have been going south since then…

But the least we can do is honor him somehow, like, say, sharing with you the 14 little-known facts about Michael Jackson? Yup, that will do. Thanks to AuntyAcid, we have the complete trivia list when it comes to the undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Read on!

1. Michael composed the music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3

A little-known fact, but one that explains why the damn music in these games was so catchy! Composers who worked together on the game’s music revealed that Michael also took part in the creation process. SEGA have denied this information as rumor, but who do you believe – SEGA or the composers?

2. He broke the internet. Long before it was cool to break the internet.


Sadly, it was the moment of his death. When that happened, Twitter, AOL and Wikipedia ALL CRASHED at the same time, namely, 3:15 PM on the 25th of June, 2009.

3. He was a fan of wigs


Once, while he was doing a commercial for Pepsi, his hair caught on fire. The unlucky incident made him wear wigs from then on.

4. But get this: He also wanted to build a 50-foot robot – of himself!


It was a serious idea, too, included in the plans for his 2005 Las Vegas comeback show. The robot was intended to roam around the Nevada desert. However, it turned out to be too expensive, and Michael had to can it.

5. He never returned library books he borrowed


Legend has it that he gradually racked up over $1 million in library fines. Now that’s a LOT of books!

6. He always wanted to play Spiderman

Back in the ’90s, Marvel Comics filed for bankruptcy. You know what Michael Jackson did? He tried to buy them so he could make a movie about Spidermen – with him in the main role.

7. Another movie role he liked? X-Men’s Professor X


You and me, Michael. You and me. But Patrick Steward beat us to it!

8. The video for Thriller featured costumes from the Salvation Army


Nice move.

9. Although he hated the Thriller video…


Jehovah’s Witnesses firmly opposed the video, too. Well, they basically demonized both the video and Michael. This frustrated the King of Pop, so much so that he had to put a disclaimer in the beginning.

10. Remember the oxygen tank story? He made it up.

He said it was to prevent aging, but he was basically trolling everyone. And everyone – took the bait.

11. He wanted an Oscar so badly, that one time he spent $1.5 million on a statuette


More precisely, the Oscar for Best Picture. It belonged to David O. Selznick, for the 1999 Gone With the Wind.

12. Only two plastic surgeries, he claimed.


One on the chin and another one on his nose. Do I believe that? Dunno. But it is possible.

13. His boots from Smooth Criminal were an invention protected by a patent


Which also makes him an inventor!

14. He and Whitney Houston almost collaborated


And it ALMOST happened three times! The first song was “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”. Jackson wanted her to sing Siedah Garrett’s lines. The second time was about Houston’s hit “If I Told You That” on which Michael wanted to sing. But instead, it was George Michael who got the honor. The last time was the song “Hold My Hand”, which Jackson ended up doing with Akon instead.

Well, that about wraps it up! Sigh. I’ll go put on some Michael Jackson music now…

Source: auntyacid

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