Little Monsters Think Katy Perry Shaded Lady Gaga’s ‘A Star Is Born’ And They Are Not Happy About It

Little Monsters think Katy Perry shaded Lady Gaga’s newest movie ” A Star Is Born” and they are not happy with her. Katy went on Twitter and decided to like one of  Twenty One Pilots’ tweets.

“A Star Is Born” is Lady Gaga’s movie where she plays alongside Bradley Cooper. The duo gave an exceptional performance in the movie musical and we are all in awe of both. The acting, the singing, the music, everything is just perfect, right?

little monsters think katy perry shaded lady gaga

All praises for the movie aside, you may wonder okay? Katy liked a tweet, what does that have to do with Lady Gaga. Well, the tweet suggests people buy the newly released album Trench instead of the A Star Is Born Soundtrack which is currently dominating the charts. And within reason I might add, the songs are just so beautiful.

little monsters think katy perry shaded lady gaga
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But it seems like Katy and Twenty One Pilot do not agree with this.

little monsters think katy perry shaded lady gaga
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I mean this is clearly supposed to be funny but Lady Gaga fans don’t think so. When Katy Perry liked the tweet, little monsters were all over Twitter sharing their thoughts on it.

One declared this tweet as war.

One simple had no words.

A fan reminded Katy of the times Lady Gaga has been there for her, clearly not happy with Katy.

Another fan just stated some facts.

Others were simply sad with the whole situation.

And bringing the whole thing to a whole other level, Dua Lipa went on Twitter, found this tweet which was posted back in 2012 and liked it.


But Katy is not here for all this drama, she unliked the Twenty One Pilots tweet, she posted on her Instagram and Twitter making it obvious that she absolutely supports Lady Gaga and does not want to fight.

What do you think did Katy really shade Lady Gaga or not? Who’s side are you on?

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