This Illustrator Has Captured What Living Alone Looks Like To Her In 15+ Illustrations

There are different kinds of people in this world, different personalities, different wants and needs, there are whole varieties. I have witnessed so many personalities throughout my lifetime, some impressed me, others not so much, many fell into the categories of personalities I simply don’t have a specific opinion towards. But the point being, not everyone is the same – a thing you probably know but… yeah.

A thing that impresses me, however, is when people decide to use creativity to show these differences. When people express their inner and outer worlds through beautiful works of art. YAY ART! Illustrations of all kinds, telling us about the reality of the society nowadays, the relationships’ day-to-day, illustrations on what’s it like to have a cat, even a collection of illustrations on intimacy. It’s all so beautiful to see people create.

A specific example being the illustrations of an artist, based in LA, Yaoyao Ma Van As – the collection of these illustrations showcase the experience/beauty of living on your own. One could say there are quite a few perks that come with living alone, and if you don’t know many of them see below to find out.


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1. After long and tiring days, enjoying bits of peace and quiet is quite relaxing.

living alone


2. Little plays with your lovely pet.

living alone


3. Zoning out of reality and enjoying a bit of reading time.


4. Working at any time and any place.


5. Rainy weather, a cup of coffee or tea, lost in thought.


6. Time with your little companion.


7. Dancing the nights away, dancing the chores away.


8. Best friend cuddles.


9. Binge eating, watching TV.


10. Chill days and clumsy days are sometimes your kinds of days.


10. Taking long baths.


12. Noticing and enjoying the little things.


13. Walks with your little buddy.


14. Partying on your own, the music on high volumes.


15. Guilty snacks in the middle of the night.


16. A morning spent drinking coffee, absorbing the sunlight, daydreaming.


17. A quiet meditation.


18. Comfortable positions of working, pausing for a little cuddle.


19. Cookie treats on your own.


20. Self-care, enjoying time on your own.

Source: Boredpanda

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