Did You Lock Yourself Out Of Your House? Here Is How To Never Do It Again With This Easy Solution

Locking yourself out of your house is something that almost all of us have done. It’s embarrassing and awkward. But what can you do? it happens even to the best of us. There is no need to panic. There is actually a pretty easy and simple way to create a spare key. And today you are going to learn how to make an emergency key thanks to Dave Hax who loves providing viewers with various hacks to help them deal with common household problems which can totally save your life.

yourself 1

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to make a print of an original padlock key, and transfer it onto the lid of a food can. After that, you need to cut the DIY key – and boom, problem solved. All you will need are just things that you already probably have lying around your home. Don’t worry Dave will show you how to do all the steps. All you need to find is a lighter or a candle, scotch tape and a lid from a can of food.

yourself 2

Soon you will be asking yourself why didn’t you think of this easy project yourself. Now you can be stress and anxiety free and not worry about locking yourself out of the house ever again. Just be careful not to burn or cut yourself. Use pliers and safety gloves.

Source: DaveHax
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