10 Lollipop Nail Art Ideas You Can’t Miss

Lollipops, suckers, sticky pops… they all refer to one thing: the hard candy mounted on a stick. Whether sweet or sour, they are a kid’s favorite. Which is why I believe I will always be a kid…

Okay, but did you know that there is a National Lollipop Day? Yeah, me neither. The 20th of July is lollipop day. However, now that ‘National Lollipop Day’ is gone, who says you can’t still try these 10 lollipop nail art designs?

Scroll below and get inspired:


1. Red, black and white

Not only this design is different on each hand, but the color combination differs, too.

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2. Candyyy!

Your nails will pop with this design. The bright, vibrant colors are perfect for the summer, too.

Source: Thisisvenice


3. Fatal red

A really cute color combination with unique designs. Matchy-matchy with your lollipop.

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4. Cotton candy

This design gives off cotton candy vibes. Baby purple and shades of blue.

Source: Alionavorobei


5. Lollipop charm

This design has probably every color. From black to white, from neon yellow to royal blue, this set has everything.

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6. Shimmery nails

This design is ideal to help celebrate today!

Source: Lollipopnails.indigo


7. Bee nails

These nails even look delicious! What is up with me?

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8. Candy cane

This design is applicable even during holiday season, around Christmas.

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9. Twinkle Twinkle

This doesn’t look that difficult to achieve… Or am I being delusional?

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10. Neon lollipops

The color combination of bright colors looks so cool!


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