Find Out The New Manicure Which Lasts Longer Than Gel Polish Without Using UV Light

Don’t you also want to have those fine looking nails? I know I do.

With summer being here, we all are in seek of those mesmerizing nail looks for our toes and fingernails. A time when you do your nails is the time you get rid of all the pressure you have deep down that your nails won’t look good.

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Now we’re about to share with you a new manicure which lasts longer than gel polish and doesn’t use UV light.

These manicures last as long as a month, rather than a few weeks and are done with powder instead of gel.

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Celebrity manicurist Erica Marton told TODAY Style:

“Dip powders are basically acrylic powder used in a different technique, however, it shouldn’t smell like the standard acrylic. It’s geared for nail techs that want to save time or beginner nail techs. It’s an easier, faster way. Think of it as a diet acrylic.”


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Paint Box Nails in New York City is a salon which offers traditional and gel-based manicures but doesn’t do dip powder. Julie Kandalec who is a creative director there said:

“Are they dipping directly into the jar of powder? Stay away!” 

She added:

“Colors are hard to tell what they really are because they change from powder form to when they are finished on the nail. Something else to keep in mind is this type of manicure can end up being very thick and bulky on the nail, so make sure to see a nail professional capable of shaping the nail into a more natural arched shape, suggested Kandalec. Even still, you may not be happy with the results: “It can be filed to shape, but then lines of demarcation can be seen.”

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Celebrity manicurist Erica Marton mentioned above suggests you don’t do it too often. She states:

“I wouldn’t say they are healthier but equal to the gels and basic acrylic that are already out. As long as these services are done properly you should be safe! I understand the allure of a manicure that will last three weeks … but anything on your nails for that amount of time can cause some problems. Make sure you maintain them well!” 


Director of cosmetic and clinical research in the Department of Dermatology at The Mount Sinai Hospital, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, said:

“Powder manicures are safe when performed by a properly trained manicurist. In fact, they may be safer than traditional gel manicures that use you the light that can be harmful to the skin. I would be cautious with these manicures if you already have dry or brittle nails or suffer from conditions like psoriasis, which can cause thickening of the nails.”

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Source: Today

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