Say Bye To Nail Struggles By Applying These 12+ Hacks

When it comes to nails, there are different kinds of people with different preferences. All that some people want is to have short nails, while, on the other hand, there are those who long nails are what they strive for. Whatever the category you might fall, there are so many hacks out there to take care of your nails. Or, of anything else, really, not only nails.

Whether you want to come up with some design for your long nails, or you don’t precisely know how to shape them, or even if you have no idea on how to take care of them properly – the internet is always to the rescue.

Now, say no more and let us go through some nail hacks that in a way or another will make your life easier.

1. The toaster hack

If by any chance you have long nails, then, pulling the toast out of the toaster won’t really be a problem. I mean, if there’s one thing we can all agree on is that long fingernails are a bomb for pinching hot things.

BONUS: You don’t even have to use kitchen tools.

Instagram | @momentuman


2. Pimple popping

We know, we know. It is gross getting rid of pimples with long nails. However, isn’t it gross to get rid of them with shorter nails as well? So, you might as well do it with your long nails as it is 10x easier.

Instagram | @rafaellamaranhao


3. Doing everyday tasks

Yes, it is true, the struggle is real when it comes to a lot of things, nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that it is mission impossible doing some every day tasks. You can still put on your sandals and jewelry can still be done with long nails. All that you need to do is use the side of your thumb instead of the top, just like it is shown in the picture below.

YouTube | Daphne S


4. Strong nails

This hack is for everyone who feels like their nails can get flimsy. All that you need to do for this hack is squeezed orange juice, garlic, lemon, lime, and olive oil. After doing so, soak your nails and this way your nails will thank you as they’ll be stronger and grow longer.



5. Yellow nails

Now, your nails might be the most beautiful, but, you hate it when they start turning yellow, don’t you? What Little Things suggests you do is a very simple home remedy using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Let your nails soak in the solution to reduce the yellow tinge.

Instagram | @acetone_trip


6. Tampon usage

You have run out of the cotton pads and you think your life is over now. Not really, dear. In case you happen to have some tampons then this is the better solution for removing nail polish off your nails as the risk to mess up your nail is lower.   xoJahtna shares that a tampon will allow you to seamlessly remove polish from your toes without removing color on your fingernails!

YouTube | xoJahtna


7. Designs for your nails

You have always been into nail designs but for some reason, you are scared to go for them as you are scared of messing your fingers. To avoid this, you should simply paint your fingers with glue around the nails and after you are done painting your nails your favorite design, you can peel the glue off.

YouTube | heartsKarla


8. Opening packages

Opening packages is so exciting, isn’t it? At least for sure is for me! So, running to the kitchen to get a knife is the last thing that crosses my mind. I mean, wearing long nails does this to you. Now, it is what it is…



9. Makeup’s BFF

Let us all agree that long nails are a life savior when it comes to opening eyeshadow palettes or any other makeup product. It’s just, long nails make life easier when opening makeup products, don’t argue me on this one!

long nails
Instagram | @juliet0617


10. Scraping off

Having tape stuck down on a flat surface is the most annoying thing there is especially when you can’t scrape it off.  However, long nails to the rescue.



11. The extra layer of strength

Natasha Lee uses a gel-based coat on her nails to add that extra layer of strength. This will be helpful when painting your long nails and avoiding those awful chips.

long nails
YouTube | Natasha Lee


12. Acrylics growing out

Don’t make a big deal out of it if your acrylics are growing out. What will save your money, and buy you time to wear the same nails for some more time is this out of this world trick. Simply cover the space under your real nail with glitter gradients and that is it, really. Ta-dah!

long nails
YouTube | WhatWouldLizzyDo

Source: Diply

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