Wanna Look Hotter? Study How Celebs Take Their Hot Mirror Selfies

Looking good is sometimes as simple as having a phone and a mirror to take pics in front of. And, of course, being a member of the coveted social class known as the celebrities, but hey – a gal can dream!

Celebrities always look so perfect, don’t they! With that much fame and money, who wouldn’t. But wait until you see them rocking bikinis in front of the mirror…


So, wanna know how you can beat the celebs at their own hotness game? Here’s a tip: learn from them. Thanks to R1L, we now have a pretty nifty collection of hot celebs posing in bikinis in front of their super-expensive mirrors, so what more do we need?

Know thy enemy, I guess!

1. Selena Gomez

comin soon @stevenkleinstudio hehe

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2. Kim Kardashian

Forgot to post this last night

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3. Kendall Jenner


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4. Emily Ratajkowski

Summer 16

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5. Bella Hadid


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6. Hailey Baldwin

alright back 2 real life ✌

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7. Ashley Graham

8. Kylie Jenner

last bathroom selfie of the year

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Well… Your turn for a photo session in front of the mirror, ladies!

Source: r1lmedia