Woman Says Learning To Love Yourself First Will Make Weigh Loss So Much More Effective

When people lose weight, they do it for a number of reasons, which are often the wrong ones. This, in addition to taking a wrong approach to weight loss, is why a lot of people tend to give up on their weight loss fairly quickly.

People often try to lose weight to fill society’s expectations of them, but if you do it to get healthier for yourself, and learn to love yourself first, then you will see the pounds shed off. Vanessa Flores is a testament to this.

Writing for Women’s Health Magazine, Vanessa, 31, explained how learning to love herself first was the first step to losing the 135 pounds she eventually lost. She said that growing up she was always overweight, and eventually became self-conscious of the fact and she’d often yo-yo diet, losing weight and regaining it all over again. Then, at 26, she writes she “realized I had to start loving myself before anyone else could love me.”


She said that she initially started by adopting a vegan diet in 2013 and lost as much as 60 pounds within six months that way, but she later switched to a lower carb diet, which also included lean meats.


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Even though she was no longer vegan, she explained how the diet taught her how to cook and eat healthily.

A typical day of eating for Vanessa usually includes scrambled eggs with turkey bacon for breakfast; a salad with shrimp or tilapia for lunch; tuna and vegetables for dinner, and two snacks which include a protein shake and either sugar-free jello or salted caramel popsicles.


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However, though her diet is normally low-card, she sometimes uses “carb-cycling”, which means she adds more carbs to her meals.

Her carb-cycling plans are on a four-day schedule where she begins with 25 extra grams of carbs on the first day and adds an additional 25 until she reaches 100 grams on the fourth day.


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Since 2013, Vanessa has lost 135 pounds, and intends to lose another 20 in 2019, though she says she is happy with where she is at the moment.

“I will say, however, that I think I started my weight loss journey for the wrong reasons,” she said. “Deep down, I just wanted a boyfriend and wanted to be prettier. But since then, I’ve realized my weight loss means so much more than that. I’ve not only gained more confidence, but I feel healthier than ever (I just turned 31, but I feel 21). Now, I feel like I can do anything—in a relationship or not.”


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