Six Loyal Dogs Patiently Wait Outside The Hospital As Their Homeless Owner Gets Treated

A man’s six loyal dogs patiently waited for their owner the whole day, while the latter was being treated at the hospital after suffering a stroke. The homeless man, known simply as Luiz, was carried by an ambulance when the dogs were heard howling for hours after being separated from their human. The canine friends waited outside the entrance of the Santa Casa Hospital in Cianorte, Brazil when Luiz was rushed to Accident and Emergency. The touching footage shows the six dogs chasing the ambulance where Luiz, a man who has lived on the streets for 20 years, suffered a stroke.

After they chased the ambulance, they stopped right at the hospital doors where they patiently waited for 24 hours. A witness, Simone Zilane, a volunteer at the animal welfare group, Amigos de Patas, saw this rare encounter and told Brazilian media:

The dogs were desperate. They followed the ambulance, racing after it down the roads and arrived just as Luiz was being taken into the hospital.

She continued:

They went mad as they took him in and howled non-stop at the entrance. After a while, they lay down on the ground and refused to leave.

The following day, Luiz recovered and was discharged.

loyal dogs waiting outside hospital
Amigos de Patas/FocusOn News

However, the reunion almost did not take place, since Luiz left through another hospital door with his brother, who was with him during the treatment.

The volunteer, Zilane, explained:

When we realized Luiz had been discharged and his pets were none the wiser, one of our volunteers went to fetch him from his brother’s house and take him to where the dogs were still waiting for him.

Then, the dogs greeted their human.

loyal dogs waiting outside hospital
Amigos de Patas/FocusOn News

Zilane further explained:

He hadn’t realized they were outside all this time, but he wasn’t too surprised.

According to the Amigos de Patas, Luiz has refused help from various charities because he prefers to live on the streets with his dogs as Zilane revealed:

We rented a very simple house for him a while ago with a big yard for the dogs but he didn’t accept it and refused to enter the house. He said his home is the street.

However, after recovering from the stroke, Luiz did accept to take a shower and a plate of food while his dogs were fed and watered. Regarding the relationship between Luiz and the dogs, Zilane added:

Wherever he is you can guarantee the dogs are never very far away.


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Source: Unilad