Lyanna Mormont’s Battle Of Winterfell Moment Has Everyone In Tears

This article does contain Game of Thrones spoilers, but hey, if you still haven’t watched episode three of season 8 then this is really on you…

The last episode of GoT was one of the most amazing episodes in the history of TV. The Battle of Winterfell wrecked our hearts in ways we didn’t know were possible. So many deaths, so many plot twists… Then again, the fandom is pretty much used to the concept of death since all our favorite characters have died, (and some were brought back to life, hint: Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen)

However, no MAJOR MAJOR characters died in the last episode. We expect such thing to happen in the last three episodes that we have left 😉 One death that really hit was that of Lyanna Mormont. Her spirit and attitude had everyone favorizing her ever since she first appeared in season 5. Her character, the lines she read were quite the definition of epic. The Lady of Bear Island died protecting Winterfell and it took everything in us not to bawl our eyes out like babies.

Here is the heartbreaking moment that everyone is talking about:

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Honestly, there’s not much hope fighting against the Army of the Dead, and Lyanna’s mission was to crush down a giant wight. She did so by striking a final blow in the eye of the giant, even after the giant had crushed her bones, holding her tightly in one hand.

The Twitter reactions, to say the least, were heart-wrenching…

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Now we can’t wait to see what will happen next. We better believe they are all doomed and will be fighting Cersei Lannister for the Iron Throne. See ya next time, fandom.