Looks Like Mac Miller’s Death Led To Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson’s Split

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson started off with a band this past May, becoming engaged after only a couple weeks of dating and seeming completely head over heels in love.  But it seems as if it wasn’t meant to be – even if all those ‘love-at-first-sight’ believers were probably rooting for it.

TMZ broke the news on Sunday that the two have called it quits and ended their engagement in a mutual decision over the weekend. A source told People magazine that “It was way too much too soon. It’s not shocking to anyone.”

And according to TMZ, the thing that led to their split was the death of Ariana’s ex, Mac Miller, in early September.


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According to sources who spoke for the publishing, after Miller’s death, Ariana was a complete wreck and in a very bad place emotionally. Even if she didn’t put any blame on herself over his overdose, it still affected her very badly.

Insiders also claimed that following her ex’s fatal overdose, Ariana realized that she wasn’t ready to completely commit to Davidson and get married and that she might have rushed her engagement.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's split


In the days and weeks after Mac Miller passed, it was apparent that Grande was not in a good place emotionally. She also withdrew from the spotlight. She skipped this year’s Emmy Awards in order to “take time to heal” a spokesperson for the singer announced.

Then late in September, she posted a series of tweets that left her fans worried about her. The God is a Woman singer said she was “tired” and pleaded for just “one okay day”. She also went back on an old tweet where she’d said “everything will be okay”, and replied “j fucking k”. (Read more about that here.)

Though the breakup came over the weekend, on Saturday all seemed to be well between the two as Ariana was reportedly at SNL supporting her then-fiance, and the two seemed cozy and in love.

Neither Ariana or Pete have released any statements on the split.

Source: Tmz