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Seeing Macaulay Culkin Re-shoot Home Alone Scenes Is Just What We Needed This Christmas

Seeing Macaulay Culkin Re-shoot Home Alone Scenes Is Just What We Needed This Christmas

Everyone knows that the most important film during Christmas times is Home Alone, don’t argue me on this one, Linda. Every screen should show this and only this film. It’s of major importance, especially to the generation of kids who were inspired to try and bunk off from family holidays and take the matters in their own hands when they were faced with bumbling burglars. Not that this happened to us, but seeing Kevin dealing with this, it felt like we were in it too.

So, as everybody makes their way home for the holidays, and attaches car batteries to door handles, you know, just in case, we are all so excited to see Macaulay Culkin a.k.a Kevin, re-shooting scenes from Home Alone for a commercial, because it brings back memories of Christmas when the world wasn’t a giant ball of mess and times were simpler.

macaulay culkin home alone

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I won’t say anything if you were born before 1990, you clearly, don’t understand the excitement, because your Christmas comprised of no mobile phones and no table fallouts about Trump or Brexit. Well, I know for one I’m excited for Christmas morning, except that this time, I won’t pout when I don’t get my favorite toy, I’m just as happy to find out there’s nice food and someone bought me socks. Yay.

This is why it’s so cool to relive these moments, it brings sentimental feelings, and seeing Macaulay Culkin step back into the shoes of Kevin McCallister, ah, I just can’t help it.

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It looks like now Kevin is a big boy, who won’t panic when he puts on after-shave, instead, he is actually getting Google to do his shopping list. Wow, time flies, eh? The 38-year-old (yes, I know) knows he needs to clean the sheets from jumping up and down on the bed, and can see the pizza delivery guy at the door. Thanks to Google!

Merry Christmas y’all!

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