Delightfully Magical Photographs Of Red Squirrels In A ‘Fairytale World’

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes, in order to convey a particular story or message, you need to put a lot of effort into planning, conceptualizing and finally executing the shot. Or sometimes, all you need is a close-up and here you have the incredible shot.

This is what the 49-year-old photographer, Geert Weggen did at the rear of his house in Bispgarden, Sweden. He made sure to capture incredible shots of wildlife near his home. To do so, he has built an outdoor studio where he waits for animals to appear, such as squirrels, so he can take the perfect shot. Geert likes the colors that autumn gives to every human, not only photographers. “It is wonderful to photograph them like this,” he said. “It becomes like a fairytale world.” 

Why don’t we get a tour among his beautiful shots? You surely won’t regret!


A magical sequence indeed!

Photographs of red squirrels

These squirrels look as if they are part of a Disney classic, as they stand among toadstools and mushrooms. The details Geert, the photographer captures are just otherworldly.

Squirrels were not the only members of the animal kingdom to star on his shots. Later, birds joined them and it looks like squirrels didn’t mind at all their presence.

You can see on the image below the balance this squirrel keeps to stand on two toadstools. Simply impressive!

Photographs of red squirrels

Then, one of the squirrels plucked the fungus from the ground and apparently, is observing it in much detail. Maybe he is looking forward to using it as a microphone.

It leaps you heart seeing such beautiful shots of the wildlife as this photographer managed to take. Through his photographs, he is bringing us closer to nature and our beautiful earth companions. This is just one example that there are many beautiful things out there if only one stops for a second, observes and digs deeper. You can find a fairytale world, indeed!

Photographs of red squirrels

Source: Dailymail


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