Makeup Artist Creates Floral Skull Halloween Looks That Left Us Completely Astonished

Every makeup lover out there, well, and one who likes celebrating Halloween is excited about the approaching of 31st October. It’s the time when everybody wants to look a little wicked and hand downs, we want to show the creativity we have accumulated since January. As for the people who are makeup artists themselves, like Melissa Samways, we can just be thankful for sharing her makeup ideas in social media. So you know, we can have a variety of methods we can combine and steal from.

Melissa comes from Brazil and her widespread audience has garnered her up to 500k followers on her Instagram account and she earned many subscribers on her youtube channel as well. Her talent and skills are those of a professional and we can’t help but share them with you. This time she managed to bring some ideas for Halloween and we she simply left us astonished with her talent. Scroll down to see them:


1. Hmm. Halloween themed, but what?


Well, follow me below and you’ll see…

As if every lady needs some shades of pink…

And those florals… It never gets too much using flowers I tell you…

And here it is, the magnificent final look:



You can see the step by step video here:

Source: Melissa Samways


2. Another skull look

That is not all, as Melissa has another idea for you. Even this time she starts drawing black circles around the eyes

Again some pinkish inside

But this time encircled with some black dots.

Floral Skull Halloween Looks

A combination of a joker’s mouth probably and a skull that gives one mixed feeling

Floral Skull Halloween Looks

But hey, this is becoming lovely to try!

And yes, neither this time she forgot not the flowers on her head..  And they’re only pink

Floral Skull Halloween Looks

Source: Naty Gloss

See the video yourself:


These are Intricate makeup tutorials that to an amateur like me – would definitely take a lot of time. However, it’s worth trying one of them for this Halloween. What about you, did you like these ideas? Let us know in the comments section below. We’ll be reading them!


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