A Bridal Makeup Video From Princess Eugenie’s Makeup Artist

Princess Eugenie looked like a dream on Friday when she tied the knot with Jack Brooksbank, her boyfriend of seven years. One thing you couldn’t miss while looking at the bride (except for the stunning gown), was her natural and fresh makeup. Eugenie chose Hannah Martin for her wedding day, a makeup artist and part of Pro Team at Bobbi Brown. The princess is not the only royal to get her makeup done by Hannah since the makeup artist also helped Kate Middleton glow on her wedding day.

For those who can’t wait to recreate Princess Eugenie’s wedding look, we have some good news for you.

Despite the fact that makeup artists at Bobbi Brown don’t really share their secrets when it comes to bridal makeups, Hannah shared a video on YouTube to help the soon-to-be-brides.



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The video is called My wedding day and anniversary makeup. The video was uploaded on YouTube this July and it’s a recreation of Hannah’s wedding day makeup. Of course, all the makeup products used to achieve this look were Bobbi Brown.

It might be Hannah’s wedding day makeup, but it looks pretty similar to that of Princess Eugenie’s.

Hannah said the Natural Skin Foundation Stick is a go-to for the brides due to the fact it “gives a true color, with no bounce back in flash photography”. Take notes, ladies!

As for the bronzer, she uses Chestnut Skin Foundation Stick and says she wishes she had a little bit more bronzer on her wedding day to make sure she would look her ‘absolute healthiest’.

She then uses a full-coverage concealer to brighten her under eyes. For a day look, Hannah applies concealer on her eyelids as well and blends it. She admits people have sometimes asked her about the eyeshadow, when in fact it’s just concealer. Nice trick!

She then uses medium bronzer to give the skin a ‘warmer look’. For the blush, she chose a pale pink color she says is a ‘total classic’.


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Hannah recommends all the brides to ‘use the texture first on your lashes to get the finish you want, then put a ‘raincoat’ over the top with waterproof mascara to lock lashes in place’.

As for the eyebrows, Hannah adds she likes to give them a soft look even though full and strong brows are currently a trend.

In the end, she says her look is more for a glam evening with the extra shimmer and dramatic eye makeup rather than a natural daytime look.

For more details, check the video below.

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Are you going to be trying the look? Share your results in the comment section.


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Source: Hellomagazine