15 Images That Would Make Any Makeup Enthusiast Slightly Uncomfortable

Any self-respecting makeup enthusiast out there highly values their preferred makeup items. They are a craftsman’s tools for getting the job done and therefore, cannot be compromised.

However, as in any other walk of life, mistakes happen. And no matter how efficiently you take care of your makeup, the universe sometimes has a different plan in mind.

Check out these hilarious, yet tear-jerking pictures of makeup equipment fails, compiled by Diply.

1. This chewed-up makeup brush

Those moments when your dog gets tired of chewing your shoes and attacks your makeup. When did a dog care whether a potential toy is expensive or not?


Source: Twitter | @gracyhenderson_

2. Aragog eyelashes

When your girlfriend says: “Just to apply mascara and I’m ready.” And you know that the ‘just’ will take half an hour at least. And the result? Eyelashes that look like hairy spider legs.



3. This ruined display of eye-shadows at Sephora

Can you believe that this was done by a child? He probably thought they are watercolors.


Source: Facebook | Extraordinary Life Makeup Artistry

4. A valiant attempt at lip-lining

It definitely looks like she got stung by a bee.


Source: Lipstick Alley

5. When a dog decided to attack your makeup bag


Source: Twitter | @dee_faux

6. Makeup brushes that look like they’re from the 1920s

Maybe they indeed are from the 1920s. I wouldn’t dare to touch them, let along apply makeup with them, in case there’s a museum curator looking for their lost artifacts.


Source: The Skiny

7. This beginning of the day

At this point, it probably doesn’t really matter how and why it happened.


Source: HappyFacts

8. This moldy, hairy beauty blender

How is that even possible? Don’t even touch it, just say bye-bye.


Source: Twitter | @eversincecurly

9. The array of crumbling makeup compacts

The worst makeup nightmare.


Source: Hey Wanderer

10. The hard way to learn a lesson

No more eyelash curlers for you.


Source: Twitter | @CieraHyatt

11. Applying mascara inside a moving car

This always happens, and we still do it.


Source: Catch Studios

12. The boyfriend prank

Don’t you even dare think that playing with a girl’s makeup is fun.


Source: YouTube | Joey’s Vlogs

13. Another makeup-destruction caused by a dog

Next time just get him a steak dinner, it will cost less.



Source: Twitter | @RachelReedX

14. When you try to look amazing while you swim


Source: Patricinha Esperta

15. Last but not least, this liquid foundation found on the inside of a phone


Source: Imgur

Next time, simply use headphones.

From: diply

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