Makeup Tricks That Will Make You Look Fresh And Pretty

Social media is all about marketing. When it comes to cosmetic industry, there are so many expensive tools and tricks that makeup artists and companies are trying to sell by convincing you that without these you will not look pretty. But that’s not even close to being true! You can look just as pretty with a liiiiiittle bit of money, you just have to know the techniques. Watch and learn!

1. Dark circles under your eyes? Forget concealer, use red lipstick!


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If you only use concealer, that’ll lighten up the undereye area, but it will still look tired and gray. That’s why you should also use red lipstick. It will make your eyes less tired, and you don’t even have to buy a super expensive concealer for the dark circles.

2. Contouring your nose


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Everyone has something that he/she feels insecure about. And that is wrong because we’re all beautiful on our own way, but we just can’t help it. For people who feel insecure about their noses, you can actually help it. All you have to do is contour. Contouring tricks that will make your nose look smaller and perfectly-shaped if you only follow this tutorial.

3. Applying concealer in a triangle

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Applying concealer in a triangle shape under the eye, will cover more skin and will look much more natural.

4. Highlighting your browbones and the corners of your eyes


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A tiny touch of highlighter on the browbones and corners of the eye, will make the difference. Not only it will brighten up your face, but your eyes will actually look more open.

5. Lining your lips with a darker pencil


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If you want to have fuller lips (everyone wants nowadays), then here’s the perfect solution. All you gotta do is use a darker pencil and a lighter lipstick. If you don’t trust us, ask Kim Kardashian!

6. Use the contouring technique that suits your face shape


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You probably know that there are different face shapes with different features, and that’s why you need to contour based on the shape of your face. Find it and then follow the tutorial.

7. Eye shadow technique for hooded lids


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For people with hooded lids, it’s best to apply eyeshadow with your eyes open, because it is harder to find the natural crease with eyes closed.

8. Use white or nude liner on the waterline

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White or nude eyeliner on the waterline always works best if you want to make your eyes look more bright and healthy. This way you’ll create te illusion of larger eyes.

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