A Man In Australia Found A Carpet Python In His Toilet

Australia is back at it again…

A man in Brisbane, Australia was scared to death after finding a massive carpet python coming out of his toilet bowl. The snake slithered in through an outdoor pipe and was bathing in the toilet water and sitting in an S position. The Brisbane Snake Catchers reportedly called Stewart Lalor who then drove to the Wynnum family home to catch the reptile.

man finds python in toilet
Brisbane Snake Catchers

After getting an emergency call at around 6:45 am on Saturday, Stewart Lalor was at the Wynnum west family in 20 minutes.

That would’ve been like 20 years for me…

man finds python in toilet
Brisbane Snake Catchers

The post has since gone viral with over 2,500 shares, and many comments of people claiming this is their worst nightmare.

Lalor explained how he got the python from there, saying:

I just put on a pair of gloves and dunked my hand in to take the snake.

He also adds that carpet pythons are pretty common in Queensland, however, it’s not very often they find snakes in toilets, only about two or three cases every season.

He went on:

People think pythons always want to be in the sun but they can also overheat and need to find ways to cool down.

How charming it is that they decide to cool down in people’s toilets.

Snakes usually slither into houses over open drains or unsecured pipes that are more common in older houses, like the case with the family in Wynnum West.

man finds python in toilet
Snake Catcher Brisbane

Carpet pythons are usually found in Queensland, and while they’re non-venomous, their bites leave a substantial laceration and cause bleeding. According to the Queensland Museum, these snakes are capable to grow up to more than three meters in length.

Thank God I don’t live in Australia!

What would you do in these cases?!


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Source: 9Gag