This Man Finally Cuts The Nails He Has Been Growing For 66 Years

Shridhar Chillal, an octogenarian from Pune, India had the record for the world’s longest nails after having grown them for 66 years. His nails were removed from his fingertips in a ‘nail clipping ceremony’ held by Ripley’s ‘Believe It or Not’ in New York’s Times Square. They were cut by a technician using a rotary tool and are now being displayed at the museum.

man cuts 31 foot long fingernails

The story goes as follows, according to Ripley’s, in 1952 when Chillal was 14 years of age he broke a teacher’s nail by accident. In Chillal’s country, growing one long nail is considered a symbol that shows that the person does not do any manual labor.

Source: World News

According to that accident gave Chillal a scolding from the teacher. And his decision to grow his nails into these proportions (more specifically 31-foot-long) came as a result of the yelling her received from the teacher. His right hand, however, had trimmed nails.

After he got the reputation of the man with the longest nails in one hand, he spoke to Sky News, saying:

“I don’t know whether the teacher is dead now or not but I would definitely like to say that the thing for which you scolded me, I took it as a challenge and I have completed the challenge and, now, I am here.”

Source: Guinness World Records

Reportedly, Chillal had a perfectly normal life taking into consideration the fame that came with entering the Guinness Book of World Records. He got married, had two children, and now has three grandchildren. He also used to work as a press photographer for the government but using a special handle for his camera. He first appeared in Guinness World Records in 1979 and then on the show again in the year 2015.

On whether or not the amount from Ripley will be enough to serve Chillal as retirement money, Ripley’s Smagala-Potts said:

“[I] will say it was a hefty figure and it will be enough for Mr. Chillal to retire.”

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