Man Left Embarrassed After Showing Off Muscles To The Wrong Woman

If you have ever visited a major sports event, then you may have experienced the awkward kiss cam moment, when you have to kiss your partner or date in front of everyone. The introducer of “Flex cam” may have had this awkwardness in mind when he created another camera moment. This next football game introduced a different camera this time, initiating the audience to show off their muscles instead. However, this also proved to be awkward for one man who showed off his muscles to the wrong woman.


Source: YouTube / Philadelphia Soul

If you are a gym lover, this might be the opportunity of your dreams. However, if you are not in such a good shape, it might be downright awkward for you. You wouldn’t believe what happened to one man during a football game intermission at the Philadelphia Soul arena. As the game was on, the “Flex Cam” came out and scanned the audience.

Then, it targeted a man who was obviously showing and boasting some bicep. It seemed like a good reason to boast until the two women in the back continued the fun.

The two women sitting behind him were not impressed with his display at all. You may be wondering why? Well, you need to watch the video to fully experience the embarrassing moment for this man. It got worse than expected.

The camera cut away just as the man was obviously showing off his muscles to the two women. Then, he got their response. And you will be surprised.


Source: YouTube / Philadelphia Soul

Here is the man, egotistically showing off his muscles. In the middle of his posing, the woman behind him rightfully stole the spotlight.


Source: YouTube / Philadelphia Soul

Poor man! He was not aware that the woman had some serious muscle of her on! Way to go, girl! She stood up and tore off her jean jacket, only to reveal hulking arms that truly red-faced the man.

The man was obviously publicly humiliated. As is that wasn’t bad enough, Philadelphia Soul uploaded the video to their YouTube channel. Then, of course, it quickly went viral reaching more than 13 million views.


Source: YouTube / Philadelphia Soul

Watch the whole video below:

Source: Philadelphia Soul
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